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that girl

Hey olp_fans,
First things first, it's been a while since i've posted here but I'm back. I see more people are still joining. Come on guys, tell your friends!!

And now, onto OLP NEWS:

We all knew Chantal and Raine were having a baby...

Congratulations on their healthy beaituful baby boy Rowan. (Think of the gorgeous looks this kid will have when he grows up!)

And yes, it has been confirmed-- the guys are working on their 7th cd this year. On Wednesday January 7, OLP went back into the studio in L.A. to work on it.
It is rumoured that the cd will be released early 2004. so everyone keep your eyes open and your ears perked.

For more on these topics, and to see photos of the guys, reviews, lyrics, wallpapers and more, be sure to visit Rich & Shelly's #1 ranked OLP FanSite at

Opinion Time:
What is your favorite our lady peace song from any cd. Does it have speacial meaning to you? Does it remind you of someone/something?
What about your least favorite? Why don't you favour this song?

Let's get some opinions on this!
<3 Kristy
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i absolutely LOVE our lady peace... i don't have a favorite song though cuz there are way too many to pick from...
wouldn't it be their 6th record? i dont think the live one counts since they didnt really have to do anything