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Hey all. Today, i got my much anticipated "Our Lady Peace Live" cd.

First of all, I'm sure I wasn't the only disappointed when I found out "4 a.m." was not on it.
However, I must say the list of songs that do appear on it are wonderfully performed.
I love how involved the crowd is in the majority of the songs.
And "Naveed/Life"? It totally amazed me.
In concert, they always play them together, but the last two times I've seen OLP, they would enter "Life" right at the break, before "Man is on his knees again, trying hard to understand..."
Then, they play "life" for a bit, and end it there. I was so surprised at the re-entry to "Naveed". It was 10 minutes and 38 seconds of amazement for me.
However, the live performance of "Bring back the Sun" didn't do the song enough justice.
On their cd, the song sounds so much more emotional. When Raine sings it, you can hear the emotion in his voice. I think this Live version lacked that emotion. (I can't say much about the other performances of "Bring back the Sun" live, I've only heard it once before (live) and i honestly don't remember if it was lacking in emotion) I guess some songs just aren't good live songs.
I was a bit annoyed by one thing.
If you have the cd, pop it in the nearest cd player and listen to "Is Anybody Home?". Listen to the part when the crowd is singing.
The lyrics go:
"Hey, is anybody home? Has anybody wasted tears on loneliness that everyone becomes?
Is anybody alone? Has anybody painted fears on the bedroom walls that save us from... And Hey!..."
That part is sang by the crowd only.
Imagine Raine's surprise when they sang:
Hey is anybody home? Has anybody wasted tears on loneliness that everyone becomes?
Is anybody home? Has anybody wasted tears on loneliness that everyone becomes?"
Yes, they do, indeed, sing the wrong lyric.
Did anyone else notice this and was bothered by it?
I absolutely loved the performance of "Are you Sad?". It is a meaningful song, and Raine's words before the song add that much more power behind the awesome lyrics and beautiful voice of his.
Although, it was played a bit slower than was originally recorded, it was still very moving.
I thought the layout of the songs was very well thought out. Start off with "All for you" a very powerful, rock song, throw in a few "oldies", a few of their lesser known songs (ex: whatever, Our Time is running out) and end with the song that delivered their new found popularity.
{Added bonus, those of us who hate/loathe "Somewhere Out There" don't have to skip it and risk missing the introduction to the next song, since it is the last! ;)}

All in all, I was very pleased with the cd. I'm very anxious to acquire the "Our Lady Peace Live" DVD, which is scheduled for release in Autumn of this year. It is filled with over 2 hours of music and such, with 20 songs. Keep your fingers crossed that "4 a.m." makes it to that one!
And by the way, if you've never seen Our Lady Peace live in concert, be sure to get the DVD, "One Man Army" will most definitely be on it, and if you've yet to see the performance of that, believe me, it's not something you'll want to miss!!

Take care all.
And if you haven't yet, go get the Live cd!! What the hell are you waiting for?!?!?
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I noticed that lyrical change as well!

All in all it's a pretty good cd, Raine's vocals struggle at a number of points but hey, better than a backing tape!
Are You Sad is probably my fave track on the album closely followed by Naveed/Life and I love the way that Is Anybody Home is introduced as people slowly realise what the song is!

Can't wait for the DVD! In fact, I can't wait to see them again.

Im assuming 4 A.M. isnt on the cd because in concert, the crowd basically sings the whole thing louder than Raine, haha. i still wish it was on there tho, its such a good song.
hey, i got the cd like two days ago, I think it's awesome, of course I was also at the show on february 5th so I'm happy with it, I think it's really great.
mmm 4 singing that for a talent show
ahhh.. very nice choice.. I think I'd pay to hear someone sing that in a talent show. Let me know how it goes!! good luck!
i need to get me some accompaniment though

the biggest part of it is that i am in no way an outspoken singer. im band, not choir. so abig part is suprise