that girl (crumbucket) wrote in olp_fans,
that girl

Anyone heard any interesting news about the guys lately?
Noones been posting in here..

Did anyone go to their european tour with avril lavigne?!?!?
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*raises hand like a maniac* I did! I did! I did! And I could tag along to a meet and greet that a friend won :D
ooooh.. share!!! Tell me EVERYTHING!!!!

I've finally found a not-pop radio station that plays old-school OLP.. HA!!!!
I was just checking random journals for OLP fans and i've ended up here.

I live in Aberdeen, Scotland and I've seen OLP 4 times in the UK including the aforementioned Avril tour at Brixton Academy. The Avril crowd were horrible towards the band and it was sad to see so many broken OLP promo cds on the ground as we left. Saw them for the 1st time in Aberdeen supporting the Stereophonics in 1999. Went to the UK launch of Gravity at the University of London Union in September 2002 and the Birmingham Academy in November 2002, as well as the Avril show.

I can't wait for the live album to come out as I spend 6 months of University at the University of Calgary and started supporting the Flames. The atmosphere in the Saddledome was electric, just can't wait to hear what my favourite band sound like recorded in it!

Welcome! This community hasn't had much action in a few months. I'm hoping to get it started again.
I am the mod of the community, my name is Kristy! :)
I've seen OLP 7 times, and I'm dying to see them again. Last time I saw them was in October at ECC (Erie Community College). I'm from Niagara Falls, NY, US, and I go to buffalo and/or Rochester to see them perform.
Have you ever met the guys?
I'd love to hear of some experiences. I've only met them a few times, but Raine is an awesome guy, Duncan isn't very talkative, and I've met Jamie once. He seemed uncomfortable with the overwhelming amount of fans that showed up.
There are only 8 days left until the U.S. release of their live cd.
I cannot wait!
It's terrible to hear that the avril fans would disrespect a band so much more talented and sophisticated, such as OLP.
Anyway, I do hope you joined our community. And please, tell your friends to join!
I look forward to speaking and sharing OLP stuff with you!
I have joined the community!

I've met all of them apart from Raine. The University of London Union show was ended abruptly due to a fire alarm, so we hung around outside for a while and the band eventually came out to talk to the fans. I spoke to Steve for the longest, asking him how he felt about being the new boy, etc, and trying to convince them to play Scotland. He told me that Jeremy's folks are Scottish so I immediately went to talk to Jeremy who I think was slightly shocked by my request. Raine wasn't talking to anyone, preferring to stay in their car but I shook Duncan's hand. I think that we made Jamie's day while we were queueing for the Avril show. There were loads of Skater boy's and girl's in the queue and we saw Jamie walk past. The look on his face when he realised a minority were chanting 'OLP' and 'Jamie' was priceless!
It was sad to hear Avril fans even booing OLP. The Venue was due to open at 7pm, so we turned up about 6.30 to find a massive queue. We still didn't anticipate any problems with getting to the front but Avril fans had already blocked any chance of getting closer than 3 rows. They were still fantastic and blew Avril off stage.

You should consider yourself lucky that you are getting a mainstream release of the live album. There are no plans as yet to release it in the UK but there is a UK website selling it. It's so frustrating that the band haven't been able to break the UK. Last year Gravity was released in September with the idea that they could tour and release the album at the same time guaranteeing maximum publicity. The problem was that everyone at the launch night knew all the songs so had obviously got the album on import (including myself) which meant that the album sold poorly upon UK release.
I've got loads of great pics of the band from both London shows if you want to send me your email address.
In terms of OLP music I have the following:

CD Singles
One Man Army
Somewhere Out There

Superman's Dead (1 track CD)
Happiness is... (4 track UK promo cassette with 1 minute snippets)
Somewhere Out There (1 track CD)
Gravity (3 track UK CD with 1 minute snippets + 10 minute OLP cd rom documentary)

One Man Army (7" blue vinyl)

Spiritual Machines (Canadian version in Black CD case)

I've also got 'The Craft' Soundtrack and a couple of other UK magazine CD's which feature album tracks.
Wow.. Sounds so interesting!!
I've got all the OLP cds, I've also got the cd singles of One Man Army, Clumsy and Life.
I've got one import simply titled "Our Lady Peace" which has live recordings of 4 am, Clumsy, Starseed and Is Anybody Home? And I have the Armageddon soundtrack (OLP and Chantal?!? rock!)
I also have a promo called "Our Lady Peace Live" with 4 am, Starseed, Naveed and Somewhere out there.
I too, bootlegged the gravity album, I was way too anxious for it's debut, however, I was indeed, the first person in line to get it at the release date. ;)
I'v only one picture of Raine and I, but several pieces of memorabilia signed by the guys. I have ticket stubs, concert flyers, random papers I found on the ground and a cd sleeve (Clumsy)

My e-mail is, if you'd like to share photos... As i said, I've only the one of raine and I, most times I've met them they were at galleries or shows that did not permit cameras.
You know, if worse comes to worse, you could always find someone in the US or Canada who would be willing to buy a second album and ship it to you if you offer the price of the cd as well as the cost of shipping?
I know you don't know me well, but i'd totally do it for you. Any OLP fan is someone I can trust... LOL