that girl (crumbucket) wrote in olp_fans,
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Today, i happened to be listening to Kiss 98.5, which is a popular music station here. They play hip-hop, pop, rap, and poppy-punk. (Think: avril lavigne, puff daddy, christina aguilera, *NSYNC, bsb, and the occasional Sum-41, NFG and most recently added:OLP)
They of course, played "Somewhere out there"... Right after the song, I hear:
"Our Lady Peace says: {Insert OLP voices here} Happy Thanksgiving!"
Call me crazy, but if you ask me, that just ain't right...
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hey, i can see how u could be annoyed with that. why the hell where u listening to kiss 98.5? thats gotta be one of the shittiest stations to listen to here, but actually they all are. hey kristy give me a good song to learn so we can cover it or something. i know u will kill me if its 4am and well im out of ideas so u can give me a song and ill play it for u. ok im just rambleing again talk to u later. bye